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In life our distinctive beauty is shared with a special someone.  We want to assist you to enhance what is shared, to have a more expressive and blissful enjoyment, to form a closer relationship, stronger intimacy and build beautiful passionate love lives that leaves you more fulfilled in life and dismissing social stigmas that prevent people from sensual exploration and expression.


By honoring yourself, is a rule we want you to live by in the bedroom, to have beauty, passion and enjoyment in your life, then you have come to the right place, Bedroom Passions Adult Shop is an exclusive online store, dedicated to give our clients private access to the best brands on the intimate market at a very affordable price.


We guarantee security and privacy during payment and delivery.  Our easy payment options with Credit Card via Pay Fast is very secure with the SSL Certificate, we also have EFT facility (please inform us if you would prefer to pay by EFT).  We understand that these items deserve a certain amount of discretion when they are purchased.  That is why, we at Bedroom Passions will pack each of the purchases discreetly, as it matters to us. 


The package is sealed in a non-transparent courier bag and sent for overnight delivery, within 24 hours of purchase.


Connect with us online where you can browse at your leisure or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us on the Contacts page or directly on or 079-252-6211 Call or WhatsApp.

Guilt free pleasure is just a click away.